Simtoo Dragonfly Officially Launched in Europe ——A Drone Specially Designed for Travel

On 29th of January 2016, Chinese drone company Simtoo and Dutch consulting company V2Future co-organized a launching event in Amsterdam Arena Stadium. With this launch event, the new generation drone Simtoo “Dragonfly” became officially available to all the European customers. It represents this unique drone with “Follow Me” function began to be shown in Europe. Over fifty guests attended the event, they are the drone professionals, drone designers, representatives of retailers, as well as the industrial Medias.


During the Trade Mission of Dutch Kind Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to China in October 2015, Simtoo and V2Future signed the exclusive strategic cooperation agreement at the royal trade dinner in Beijing with the witnesses of Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders, Health Department State Secretary Martin van Rijn, Economy Department State Secretary Sharon Dijksma, and the Netherlands Ambassador Aart Jacobi.


Different from other existing drones, Simtoo “Dragonfly” has its unique features of easy operating, and comparable price for the majorities. “Simtoo Dragonfly is the first drone which can completely release your hands, realize the true ‘hands-free’ flying experiences” said by Aaron ZHANG, the CEO of Simtoo.

Easy Operating: A few buttons on the watch will adjust the position and flight path. No piloting experience is required for the first fly. Completely free your hands.

All in One: Foldable body and dismountable parts all fit in one small case. Take dragonfly anywhere with you, saying goodbye to the bulky one-time forming drone.

Follow Me: Dragonfly automatically follows you all the time with camera facing you. Footage of motion can be captured without watch control. The following inaccuracy is controlled to be less than 1 meter.

4K Resolution: Even dragonfly is light, it carries a real 4K sports camera stablized by 2D/3D gimbal. Anyone can get shake-proof high resolution image from the air.


30 minutes fly: 5500mah Lipo battery and 100W brushless motors enable the flight time up to 30 minutes.

What’s more, According to Aaron, the CEO of Simtoo, Dragonfly is specially designed for users who love travelling. It comes with many gadgets that broaden the using scenario. Not only the watch and GPS tracker integrate into one, a remote controller is also compatible for 1KM control range. The camera can be removed and fit in a hand hold gimbal or in a bracket shell for shooting whenever you are walking, biking, driving or diving. VR glasses with 1KM image transmitter will give you the real FPV feeling. Dragonfly is not just a drone, it is a set of omnidirectional cameras which can record every moment of your travel.


Mario Fan, the CEO of V2Future, stated that “we are very inspired by the unique function of ‘Follow Me’, it means a big development to the drone industry. Therefore, we believe that Simtoo Dragonfly will have a very promising market in Europe. As a business partner of Simtoo, we will also put out effort on the branding, market developing, and the sales distribution developing, meanwhile providing the after-sales services and technical supports to all the customers. We expect and will also bring the new products of Simtoo to the European market at the second quarter of 2016.”



About Simtoo: Simtoo Intelligent Technology was founded in 2015, specialized in the development and manufacturer of drone aircraft control systems and solutions. Start from 2011, Simtoo team has started developing flying control system and in 2013 Simtoo started the mass production of its first flying control system. In 2015, Simtoo have produced more than 40 thousands sets of flying control modules.


About V2Future: V2Future is a leading businessconsulting company focusing on the China-based enterprise with a global business vision or those European companies aiming to develop business in China. Since V2Future was founded in 2013, it grows rapidly and till today it set up long term cooperation with many famous enterprises such as DJI, Hikvision, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencents and more.